The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Alphabetical Episode List

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Absent Artist
Accosted Accountant
Ancient Romeo
Angry Astronaut
Angry Dead Man
Angry Mourner
Antic Angel
Arrogant Arsonist
Artful Dodger
Avenging Angel

Badgered Brother
Baffling Bug
Baited Hook
Barefaced Witness
Bartered Bikini
Bashful Burro
Bedeviled Doctor
Betrayed Bride
Bigamous Spouse
Black-eyed Blonde
Blind Man's Bluff
Blonde Bonanza
Bluffing Blast
Blushing Pearls
Bogus Books
Bogus Buccaneers
Borrowed Baby
Borrowed Brunette
Bouncing Boomerang
Bountiful Beauty
Brazen Bequest
Bullied Bowler
Buried Clock

Calendar Girl
Candy Queen
Capering Camera
Captain's Coins
Capricious Corpse
Carefree Coronary
Careless Kidnaper
Careless Kitten
Caretaker's Cat
Cautious Coquette
Cheating Chancellor
Clumsy Clown
Constant Doyle
Corresponding Corpse
Counterfeit Crank
Cowardly Lion
Crafty Kidnaper
Credulous Quarry
Crimson Kiss
Crippled Cougar
Crooked Candle
Crying Cherub
Crying Comedian
Curious Bride

Dangerous Dowager
Deadly Debt
Daring Decoy
Deadly Double
Deadly Toy
Deadly Verdict
Dead Ringer
Decadent Dean
Demure Defendant
Desperate Daughter
Devious Delinquent
Difficult Detour
Dodging Domino
Double-entry Mind
Drifting Dropout
Drowning Duck
Drowsy Mosquito
Dubious Bridegroom
Duplicate Case
Duplicate Daughter

Elusive Element
Empty Tin
Envious Editor

Fanciful Frail
Fancy Figures
Fan Dancer's Horse
Fatal Fetish
Fatal Fortune
Festive Felon
Fickle Filly
Fickle Fortune
Fiery Fingers
Fifty Millionth Frenchman
Final Fadeout
Feather Cloak

Flighty Father
Floating Stones
Foot-Loose Doll
Frantic Flyer
Fraudulent Foto
Frightened Fisherman
Frustrated Folksinger
Fugitive Fraulein
Fugitive Nurse

Gallant Grafter
Gambling Lady
Garrulous Gambler
Garrulous Go-between
Gilded Lily
Glamorous Ghost
Glittering Goldfish
Golden Fraud
Golden Girls
Golden Oranges
Golden Venom
Golfer's Gambit
Greek Goddess
Green-eyed Sister
Grinning Gorilla
Grumbling Grandfather
Guilty Clients

Half-Wakened Wife
Hasty Honeymooner
Hateful Hero
Haunted Husband
Hesitant Hostess
Howling Dog

Ice-cold Hands
Ill-fated Faker
Illicit Illusion
Impatient Partner
Impetuous Imp
Injured Innocent
Irate Inventor

Jaded Joker
Jealous Journalist
Jilted Jockey

Lame Canary
Larcenous Lady
Latent Lover
Laughing Lady
Lavender Lipstick
Lawful Lazarus
Lazy Lover
Left-handed Liar
Libelous Locket
Lonely Eloper
Lonely Heiress
Long-legged Models
Loquacious Liar
Lost Last Act
Lover's Gamble
Lover's Leap
Lucky Legs
Lucky Loser
Lurid Letter

Madcap Modiste
Malicious Mariner
Married Moonlighter
Meddling Medium
Melancholy Marksman
Midnight Howler
Mischievous Doll
Misguided Missile
Misguided Model
Missing Button
Missing Melody
Moth-Eaten Mink
Murderous Mermaid
Mystified Miner
Mythical Monkeys

Nautical Knot
Nebulous Nephew
Negligent Nymph
Nervous Accomplice
Nervous Neighbor
Nimble Nephew
Nine Dolls

One-eyed Witness
Ominous Outcast

Paper Bullets
Pathetic Patient
Paul Drake's Dilemma

Perjured Parrot
Petulant Partner
Pint-sized Client
Place Called Midnight
Playboy Pugilist
Poison Pen Pal
Polka-dot Pony
Positive Negative
Posthumous Painter
Potted Planter
Prankish Professor
Prodigal Parent
Promoter's Pillbox
Provocative Protégé
Prudent Prosecutor
Purple Woman

Reckless Rock Hound
Red Riding Boots
Reluctant Model
Renegade Refugee
Resolute Reformer
Restless Redhead
Rolling Bones
Romantic Rogue
Roving River
Ruinous Road
Runaway Corpse
Runaway Racer

Sad Sicilian
Sardonic Sergeant
Sausalito Sunrise
Scandalous Sculptor
Scarlet Scandal
Screaming Woman
Shapely Shadow
Shattered Dream
Shifty Shoe-box
Shoplifter's Shoe
Silent Partner
Silent Six
Simple Simon
Singing Skirt
Singular Double
Skeleton's Closet
Slandered Submarine
Sleepy Slayer
Sleepwalker's Niece
Spanish Cross
Spurious Sister
Stand-in Sister
Startled Stallion
Stuttering Bishop
Substitute Face
Sulky Girl
Sunbather's Diary
Surplus Suitor

Tandem Target
Tarnished Trademark
Telltale Tap
Terrified Typist
Thermal Thief
Torrid Tapestry
Tragic Trophy
Traveling Treasure
Treacherous Toupée
Tsarina's Tiara
12th Wildcat
Twice Told Twist
Two-faced Turnabout

Ugly Duckling
Unsuitable Uncle
Unwelcome Bride
Unwelcome Well

Vagabond Vixen
Vanishing Victim
Velvet Claws
Violent Vest
Violent Village

Wandering Widow
Wary Wildcatter
Watery Witness
Waylaid Wolf
Wayward Wife
Weary Watchdog
Wednesday Woman
Wintry Wife
Witless Witness
Woeful Widower
Wooden Nickels
Wrathful Wraith
Wrongful Writ

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