The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

November 16,1957 [9] "The Case of the Vagabond Vixen"

Director--Christian Nyby
--I. C. Ward
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1948 novel The Case of the Vagabond Virgin

A Hollywood producer hires Perry to get him out of trouble when a foxy girl the mogul picked up hitchhiking turns out to be not only a blackmailer but also a witness to a murder the producer may have committed.

Note the change in title from Gardner's original "Vagabond Virgin," to the teleplay's "Vagabond Vixen." Quite a difference.

John Addison--Robert Ellenstein (defendant)
Lorraine Ferrell
--Catherine McLeod
Veronica Dale
--Carol Leigh
Myrtle Northrup
--Peggy Converse
Peter Handsell
--James Anderson
Edgar Ferrell
--Paul Cavanaugh (victim)
Judge Keetley
--Pierre Watkin


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