The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Second Season

December 6,1958 [48] "The Case of The Purple Woman"

Director--Gerd Oswald
Teleplay--Robert Bloomfield and Gene Wang

Cigar-smoking art collector Rufus Varner claims to own an original "Van Hooten" called The Purple Woman. He's too embarrassed to admit he was sold a fake by art dealer Milo Gerard and Aaron Hubble, a burnt-out, boozed-up painter. Gerard's wife, Evelyn, suspects her husband will try to pin the fraud on her. She needs Perry's advice and later his courtroom expertise when Milo is murdered and she becomes the prime suspect.

There is a classic scene in this episode: In a close-up of Perry discussing the case with his client in jail, the light's reflection caught in his eye becomes a gleaming little triangle; the shot is held for some time and has an intense effect.

Milo Gerard--George MacReady (victim)
Evelyn Girard--Bethel Leslie (defendant)
Hubble--Robert H. Harris
Judge--Edwin Jerome


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