The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Sixth Season

October 18, 1962 [157] "The Case of the Double-entry Mind"

Director--Allen H. Miner
Teleplay--Jackson Gillis

Mild-mannered Sandy Sandover has meticulously embezzled $201,000 over many years; but it's killing a woman twice that puts him in the slammer.

The first time he shot her, and the second time he hit her with an ashtray so people would think there were two killers and so he could throw the police off the track. Sandy's wife is unjustly accused of the crime and hires her old friend Perry Mason to go to trial for her.

Clem "Sandy" Sandover--Stuart Erwin
Beth Sandover--Virginia Christine (defendant)
Lita Krail--Kathleen Hughes (victim)
Judge--Grandon Rhodes


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