The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Third Season

January 30, 1960 [83] "The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor"

Director--Robert Ellis Miller
Teleplay--Jackson Gillis

This is the unique episode where Lt. Tragg is surprised to see Mason and Burger working on the same side.

While duck-hunting, Hamilton Burger runs into Jeff Pike, an old friend who saved his life in a boating accident ten years before. Now Jeff is in trouble and wants Hamilton's advice. Jeff and his son are at odds with a man who is later murdered. Since the L.A. District Attorney's office has jurisdiction,

Hamilton disqualifies himself and asks Perry to defend his friend.

Jefferson Pike--J. Pat O'Malley (defendant)
Vita Culver--Ruta Lee
Denver Leonard--Walter Coy (victim)
Hal Kirkwood--Dabbs Greer
Judge--S. John Launer


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