The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

June 28, 1958 [39] "The Case of the Rolling Bones"

Director--Roger Kay
--Gene Wang
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1939 novel

Perry defends Daniel Reed on a murder charge and against his nephew, who wants to put the old man away in an insane asylum.

It's shades of Perrygate, when the lawyer thinks Burger has bugged his office. How else could it be that every time Perry mentions something either in his office or over the phone, Burger has the information almost immediately?

Daniel Reed--Edgar Stehli (defendant)
Willard Scott
--Arthur Space
Maury Lewis alias Monte Sewell
--King Calder (victim)
Judge Treadwell
--Richard Gaines
Judge Morrisey
--Morris Ankrum


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