The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fourth Season

April 8, 1961 [117] "The Case of the Cowardly Lion"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer

This case involves nothing less than:

a) a stolen gorilla named Toto
b) a shady zoo dentist
c) a lion charged with murder
d) a zoo curator charged with murder
e) bigamy
f) international drug smuggling

Perry has to defend d when b is murdered. No wonder his rates are so high.

Hilde Fursten Braun--Carol Rossen
Tony Osgood--Fred Beir (defendant)
Doctor Walther Braun--Leslie Bradley (victim)
Harry Beacom--O. Z. Whitehead
Prosecutor Telford--Paul Langton
First judge--Mack Williams
Second judge--Bill Quinn


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