The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Second Season

March 21, 1959 [60] "The Case of the Lost Last Act"

Director--Gerd Oswald
Teleplay--Milton Krims

When playwright Ernest Royce is found shot to death in much the same manner as a character in one of his unproduced plays, Perry is puzzled by coincidences. Royce's play dealt with characters very close to real people, and a murder very close to the real murder case of underworld figure Rick Valponi, who was killed in New York City twelve years before. Frank Brooks, Perry's client, was there at the time, as were most of the other principals in the case. Perry is convinced Royce's murder and the play are connected, but the crucial last act is missing. It will be the finale for Brooks if Perry cannot find the missing piece.

Ernest Royce--Jerome Cowan (victim)
Frank Brooks--Stacy Harris (defendant)
Michael Dwight--Robert McQueene
Judge--Richard Gaines

Webmaster's Note: Tom Grossman points out that Michael Dwight was played by Robert McQueeney not Robert McQueene.


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