The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

September 19, 1965 [243] "The Case of the Fatal Fortune"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--William Bast

Pat Kean is a levelheaded career woman who goes to see an astrological fortune teller for a lark--but the predictions begin to come true. For one thing, Max Armstead, her kindly but much older boss, proposes to her.

The mystic predicted Pat would "wear white, then widow's black." Pat marries Max, prediction or not. But things begin to work out badly. Max gets a letter saying that Pat is running around on him, even though she isn't. Then Max's heart condition gets more critical and he dies. But it wasn't a heart attack. In full view of Perry and Lt. Drumm, Max says, "She poisoned me!" then collapses. He's dead of an overdose of digitalis.

Burger gets an indictment against Pat for first-degree murder. Perry has to dig through the supernatural to solve the case.

Patricia L. Kean Armstead--Julie Adams (defendant)
Max Armstead--Jesse White (victim)
Doctor Fisher--Ford Rainey
Beth Fuller--Nan Martin
Judge--Grandon Rhodes


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