The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

November 14,1965 [251] "The Case of the Runaway Racer"

Director--Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay--Sy Salkowitz
Music--Richard Shores

Pappy Ryan, a race car builder, is one of the meanest men you'd ever want to meet. He's angry enough to kill when one of the race car drivers, Pete Griston, cracks up one of Pappy's masterpieces on a test drive and injures another driver.

Pappy accuses Harvey Rettig of tampering with the car, and files charges against both Rettig and Griston. Before the authorities can serve a warrant, Rettig is killed and Pete Griston is found standing groggily over the body. Burger has all the motive he needs when he learns Pete signed for a $50,000 loan that Rettig took out with a loan shark.

Pete Griston--Henry Brandt (defendant)
Harvey Rettig--Anthony Caruso (victim)
Pappy Ryan--Michael Constantine
Dan Platte--Gavin MacLeod


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