The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Eighth Season

October 29, 1964 [217] "The Case of the Nautical Knot"

Director--Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay--Robert Leslie Bellem

Rick Scott runs a mining business that was turned over to him when his uncle Harvey went into retirement. But Rick, injured in an accident, has been out of touch lately, recuperating in Acapulco. Suddenly, Uncle Harvey wants to regain control of the company, and he wants Rick out of the way. That's why Harvey is paying Rick's nurse, Joanna, to keep him "occupied" in Mexico, a situation Joanna likes, because she's in love with Rick.

Rick's brother tips him off that Harvey is up to something, and gets him to come back to Los Angeles by ship, with Joanna, for a stockholders' meeting. The ship arrives, but Rick disappears. When Joanna lands in jail after finding Uncle Harvey dying of blows to the head, Perry must come to the rescue.

Harvey Scott--Tom Tully (victim)
Joanna Monford Scott--Anne Whitfield (defendant)
Pamela Blair--Lisa Gaye
Rick Scott--Henry Brandt
Judge--Kenneth MacDonald


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