The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Sixth Season

September 27, 1962 [154] "The Case of the Bogus Books"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer

Joseph Kraft is not your typical used-book salesman. Behind the facade of his small shop is a thriving operation in forgeries of rare first editions that nets him $70,000 a year. But Kraft slips up when he finds that a copy of Tristram Shandy is missing.

Shortly after, Kraft is found dead inside a locked room. The death appears to be accidental; he seems to have died because of a faulty gas heater. Perry doesn't think so, though, and before long, the police don't either. Guess who the main suspect's lawyer happens to be?

Ellen Carter--Phyllis Love (defendant)
Pete Norland--Adam West
Herbert Pickson--Woodrow Parfrey
Joseph Kraft--Maurice Manson (victim)
Judge--Kenneth MacDonald


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