The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

May 15, 1966 [270] "The Case of the Crafty Kidnaper"

Director--Jerry Hopper
Teleplay--William Bast

Gossip columnist Danny Shine has a reputation for ruining reputations. Consequently, Danny's enemies greatly outnumber his friends. So it could have been one of many that rubbed him out.

Alex Tanner has an ironclad alibi to excuse himself as a suspect; his baby has been kidnapped. The only problem is that there really is no baby except in the mind of his half-crazed wife, and Alex is hiding a very big and very ugly secret.

Cloris Leachman plays Gloria, and the mild-mannered Gary Collins appears as you have never seen him before.

Alex Tanner--Gary Collins
Gloria Shine--Cloris Leachman
Greg Stanley--Douglas Henderson (defendant)
Danny Shine--John Lasell (victim)


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