The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Third Season

February 27, 1960 [86] "The Case of the Mythical Monkeys"

Director--Gerald Mayer
Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer
Story--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1959 novel

Mauvis Meade, author of the bestseller Chop the Man Down, sends her secretary out to a mountain cabin to pick up a package. Gladys gets lost and her car is stuck in the mud. She walks to a cabin looking for help and meets a mysterious man who seems to know her. While Gladys freshens up, the man leaves and Gladys finds--a dead body.

Perry has to find the mystery man in the cabin in order to clear Gladys, but several things are working against him. First of all, the cabin was rented in Gladys's name. And second, it appears that Gladys was unknowingly working as a courier for the underworld.

Louise Fletcher, one of the stars of the award-winning film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, plays Gladys the secretary. Also, watch for Norman Fell, who starred as the jerky landlord on "Three's Company," as Casper Pedley.

Mauvis Meade--Beverly Garland
Gladys Doyle--Louise Fletcher (defendant)
Viola Pedley Manley--Joan Banks
Casper Pedley--Norman Fell
Judge--Nelson Leigh


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