The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Third Season

October 17, 1959 [72] "The Case of the Garrulous Gambler"

Director--Walter Grauman
Teleplay--Gene Wang
Story--Erle Stanley Gardner's short story

Larry Benton, a born troublemaker, is in a real jam this time. When he knocks a man cold arguing over a poker hand, his "friends" inform him the guy is dead. Larry doesn't realize the thugs are lying. They, in turn, put the finger on him for big bucks in hush money. Broke as usual, Larry forges his brother's check for $5000. Big man Johnny Clay tries to bleed Larry for another twenty Gs but gets himself iced instead.

When Larry's brother Steve tries to cover up Larry's involvement, he ends up with a murder charge. Steve gets smart and hires Perry, whose first task is to track down Mike Granger, the man Larry supposedly killed.

Steve Benton--Dick Foran (defendant)
Ben Wallace--Steve Brodie
Mike Granger--Gordon Wynn (victim #1)
John Nelson Bradley alias Johnny Clay--Tony Travis (victim #2)
Judge--Morris Ankrum


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