The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

October 5, 1957 [3] "The Case of the Nervous Accomplice"

Director--William D. Russell
--Stirling Silliphant
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1955 novel

In this episode, Sybil Granger hires Perry to help her buy stock in her husband's oil company on the sly. Sybil wants some control of the company's action with hopes of forcing hubby's latest squeeze, Roxy Howard, out of the company and the picture altogether.

Sybil spies on Roxy and gets caught by George Lutz, another investor in her husband's company. When Lutz is shot, Sybil ends up on trial for his murder. Perry has to turn to his bag of courtroom tricks to get her off the hook.

Sybil Granger--Maggie Hayes (defendant)
Roxy Howard
--Greta Thyssen
George Lutz
--Richard Hale (victim)
Herbert Dean
--Robert Cornthwaite
Judge Hoyt
--Morris Ankrum


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