The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Eighth Season

February 11, 1965 [230] "The Case of the Feather Cloak"

Director--Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer

Perry and Paul are off to Hawaii, the land of sun, fun, expensive beachfront property--and murder. Perry is tending to the legal problems of a land sale for Jarvis Logan, who wants to lease his beach to the Pan-Pacific hotel chain. Trouble is, he needs to gain control of Kameamea Point, a peninsula that splits his holdings in two.

The disputed property will soon belong to a local girl named Anona Gilbert, as part of her inheritance. Anona is engaged to shady beachbum-surfer Douglas Kelland, who breaks off their engagement, but then calls Anona and asks her to meet him at his beach cottage. She arrives and finds Kelland dead, skewered with a spear. Paul arrives just in time to see Anona run away. The police think the girl killed Kelland over the jilt.

Jarvis Logan--John van Dreelen
Douglas Kelland--Michael Dante (victim)
Anona Gilbert--Wende Wagner (defendant)
Judge Kee--Arthur Wong


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