The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Sixth Season

February 14, 1963 [171 ] "The Case of the Two-faced Turnabout"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Samuel Newman

Bruce Jason has a doppelganger, an exact double. The identity of that man is the key to this case about murder and Russian intrigue.

Hugh O'Brian stars in a double role, playing both Bruce Jason, the lawyer who defends Elihu Laban in a murder trial, and one of the murderers who killed two victims.

Bruce Jason--Hugh O'Brian
Conrad Vucolo--Hugh O'Brian
Garrett Richards--Trevor Bardette
Elihu Laban--Abraham Sofaer (defendant)
Ulric Zenas--Werner Klemperer
Judge--Kenneth MacDonald
Franz Shreck--Charles H. Radilac (victim)

Raymond Burr did not appear in this episode, as he was in the hospital for minor dental surgery at the time this show was filmed. Hugh O'Brian is the "guest lawyer" for this episode.

Webmaster's Note: Perry did appear, briefly, in this episode. The Ona L. Hill biography of Burr states that he had intestinal surgery.


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