The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Sixth Season

January 10, 1963 [167] "The Case of the Bluffing Blast"

Director--Allen H. Miner
Teleplay--Samuel Newman

Barbara Hale's actor-husband Bill Williams makes another of his Mason series appearances in this cow-tale involving a murder.

A woman named Linda Blake arrives in the town of Ladera seeking her inheritance as the daughter of a man who was never married, and died seven years before in a hunting accident. When someone tries to kill her by turning on the gas in her motel room, Linda goes to Perry, who is in town on business.

Against Perry's wishes, Linda keeps an appointment with a shady character at the local dairy. The man has arranged for an explosion to take place at the moo-juice palace, but the bomb does not go off. Instead, the bomber himself is discovered bludgeoned to death with a walking stick that can be linked to Linda.

Floyd Grant--Bill Williams (victim)
Clay Elliot--Peter Breck
Linda Blake--Antoinette Bower (defendant)
Donella Wynn Lambert--Mary La Roche
Judge--Bill Zuckert


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