The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Sixth Season

January 17, 1963 [168] "The Case of the Prankish Professor"

Director--Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay--Robert C. Dennis

Professor Ronald Hewes suspects someone of trying to murder him. The stuffy, staid English teacher is the best-selling author of L'Affaire Annabelle. Trouble is, he stole the idea for the book from a term paper written by one of his students, who killed herself two years before. The prof is getting pressure from the dead girl's sister for a payoff. Hewes is also paranoid that his wife Laura wants his money and that she might be trying to do him in. Hewes plans on divorcing her and hires Perry to mediate the property settlement. When someone stabs the professor to death, Perry defends the accused--Laura Hewes.

Esther Metcalf--Constance Towers
Laura Hewes--Patricia Breslin (defendant)
Professor Ronald Hewes--Barry Atwater (victim)
Sally Lawrence Sheldon--Joyce Van Patten
Judge--John Gallaudet

Raymond Burr did not appear in the next four episodes, as he was in the hospital for minor dental surgery at the time these shows were filmed. Four different stars filled in as "guest lawyers" during Burr's absence. In order of appearance, they were: Bette Davis, Michael Rennie, Hugh O'Brian, and Walter Pidgeon.


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