The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Seventh Season

May 14, 1964 [210] "The Case of the Tandem Target"

Director--IrvingJ. Moore
Teleplay--Robert C. Dennis

Irma Hodge's wealthy stepfather, Sumner Hodge, is withholding her inheritance because he dislikes her boyfriend, "folksinger" Con Bolton. When someone supposedly takes a shot at Sumner, he suggests to Lt. Anderson that Con is to blame, claiming this is the second attempt on his life. But for Sumner, three proves the unlucky charm. His car goes over a cliff with him behind the wheel, and an investigation reveals it had no brakes. Witnesses claim Con was fooling around with those brakes minutes before the smashup. The singer must call on Perry to repair the damage.

Sumner Hodge--Philip Ober (victim)
Adrian Hodge--Philip Ober
Jack Tailey--Lonny Chapman
Con Bolton--Paul Carr (defendant)
Judge--Barney Biro


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