The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Third Season

April 30, 1960 [91] "The Case of the Madcap Modiste"

Director--William D. Russell
Teleplay--Harold Swanton
Producer--Herbert Hirschman

A madcap murder puts an end to high-fashion queen Flavia Halliday. Flavia gasps for her last breath after her husband Charles puts a glass of champagne to her lips. "Charles poisoned me" are her dying words to ever faithful companion Leona Durant as she fades away in Leona's arms.

Did Charles and his gorgeous girl friend Hope Sutherland (played by Leslie Parrish) have a motive to poison Flavia? She had made a fool of Charles on national TV and denied him the divorce he had been wanting for so long.

It's a tongue-in-cheek case for Perry.

Flavia Halliday Pierce--Marie Windsor (victim)
Charles Pierce--John Conte (defendant)
Leona Durant--Dorothy Neumann
Hope Sutherland--Leslie Parrish
Deputy district attorney Stewart Linn--Les Tremayne
Judge--Morris Ankrum


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