The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fifth Season

November 11, 1961 [132] "The Case of the Posthumous Painter"

Director--Bernard L. Kowalski
Teleplay--Richard Grey

Everyone knows that dead artists sell more paintings than live ones do. Jack Culross is an artist who puts that theory to the test. He fakes his own suicide, and sure enough, sales of his paintings go through the roof. Trouble is, he didn't let his wife, Edna, in on the scheme. When she sees a painting of his that she knows he didn't finish, she starts to get wise.

Culross contacts Edna, but they fight and she knocks him down. Later, Culross is found dead for real and at first, Edna's brother is arrested for the murder. Then Edna herself stands accused. Perry takes the case and sets out to determine just who knew the "dead" artist was really alive before he was murdered.

Linda Burnside--Carol Rossen
Edna Culross--Lori March (defendant)
Jack Culross--Britt Lomond (victim)
Judge--Nelson Leigh


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