The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

May 17,1958 [33] "The Case of the Long-legged Models"

Director--Anton M. Leader
--Seeleg Lester
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1958 novel

Glenn Falkner owned a small motel in Las Vegas but fell prey to the gambling tables. When he wouldn't pay up, bigtime thug George Castle shot him.

Now Falkner's daughter is alone and she must deal with dad's debts and George Castle's designs on her newly inherited land. She has a motive to kill Castle but someone beats her to it. Tragg arrests her on suspicion anyway. Enter Perry for the defense.

Stephanie Falkner--Peggy McCay (defendant)
Eva Elliott
--Alix Talton
George Castle
--Joe de Santis (victim #1)
Glenn Falkner
--Russell Thorson (victim #2)
Judge Decker
--Frank Wilcox

Webmaster's Note: A message from frogjpdy8485 points out that the victim numbers in the cast list are flipped. George Castle was victim #2.


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