The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Eighth Season

January 21, 1965 [228] "The Case of the Golden Venom"

Director--Jessie Hibbs
Gillis Story--Albert V. Vail

Because of her husband's recent demise, Lucille Forrest is the richest widow in Forrest Junction, California. Unfortunately, shortly before she became a widow, Lucille's son was killed in what appeared to have been a hunting accident. Although Lucille is convinced her son was murdered, a provision in her husband's will forbids her from investigating the death.

She goes to Perry for help. He has Paul investigate the matter, but this quickly ends when Ralph Day, a newspaperman Lucille suspects of killing her son, dies himself. Already suffering from a bleeding ulcer (typical for newspapermen), Day bled to death because his system was full of rattlesnake venom. When the police learn that Lucille was using the venom as a folk cure for her own ailments, they arrest her for murder.

Tony Claus--Noah Beery
Lucille Forrest--Frances Reid (defendant)
Ralph Day--Arthur Malet (victim)
Judge--Kenneth MacDonald


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