The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fifth Season

October 7, 1961 [127] "The Case of the Malicious Mariner"

Director--Christian Nyby
Teleplay--Robert Leslie Bellem

During a terrible storm, first officer Jerry Griffin does his duty and dumps $1 million worth of goods into the sea to lessen the danger of sinking the Janeel Trader, a cargo freighter. Once on shore, Jerry's a little surprised when he is hauled before the Coast Guard maritime court, which holds him responsible for the loss of the $1 million cargo.

Jerry needs Captain Bancroft's testimony to clear his name, but the old man is murdered before the trial. Now Jerry is falsely accused of that crime too. Perry comes on as Jerry's attorney and investigates what he feels is gross injustice. Paul gets a free trip to the Orient when Perry has him check up on the lost cargo.

Arthur Janeel--Roy Roberts
Jerry Griffin--Lee Farr (defendant)
Captain Bancroft--Robert Armstrong (victim)


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