The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

December 21,1957 [14] "The Case of the Baited Hook"

Director--Christian Nyby
--Richard Grey
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1940 novel

First, Perry gets $2,000 in cash and one half of a $10,000 bill as a retainer in case his services are needed to defend a mysterious, veiled woman. Then, in one of the most macabre scenes ever on the show, he finds a wide-eyed corpse in a closet. But Perry's got a miserable cold and would rather be in bed. Della comes to the rescue. She nurses the pajama-clad lawyer in front of his fireplace, and we get to see his apartment for the first time.

Abigail Esther Leeds--Geraldine Wall
Carol Alice Leeds/Carol Stanley
--Judith Braun (defendant)
Albert Tydings
--George Neise (victim)
Paul's operative, Jack
--Maurice McEndree


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