The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

March 27, 1966 [265] "The Case of the Fanciful Frail"

Director--Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay--Ernest Frankel and Orville H. Hampton
Story--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1958 novel, The Case of the Footloose Doll

Ethel Andrews is left waiting at the altar by her fiancée, Bruce Strickland, who also left her to take the blame for a $50,000 securities theft, since her signature was on the transfer authorization. Ethel leaves town and nearly has an accident with a car driven by Peggy Sutton, who is also on the run, but from a hired killer. Peggy persuades Ethel to swap identities for a week, but then Peggy dies in an auto accident.

Ethel is terrified when she finds $50,000 in the trunk of Peggy's car. She goes to Perry for help, and he sends Paul to Lake Tahoe to find out about this Peggy Sutton. When someone kills Bruce Strickland, Ethel's masquerade is over, and Perry's job is just beginning.

Ethel Andrews--Pippa Scott (defendant)
Park Milligan--Barry Kelley
Bruce Strickland--Hunt Powers (victim)
Judge--S. John Launer


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