The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fifth Season

February 10, 1962 [143] "The Case of the Poison Pen Pal"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Maurice Zimm

An attention-starved child innocently leaks vital information about her father's business, Gregson Cannery Company, in letters to her pen pal. When the information gets into the wrong hands, the company's financial security is seriously threatened. Great Aunt Wilma, the head of the company, takes it upon herself to punish little Karen severely for leaking the information.

Later, when Aunt Wilma is murdered, Karen must testify privately in the judge's chambers. This little girl knows more than she wants to.

Karen Ross--Patricia Breslin (defendant)
Florence Holman--Joan Tompkins
Wilma Gregson--Kathryn Givney (victim)
Judge--John Litel
Sandra Gregson--Chrystine Jordan


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