The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fifth Season

October 14, 1961 [128] "The Case of the Crying Comedian"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Robert C. Dennis

Big-time comedian Charlie Hatch learns that the woman he loved and lost, Anne Gilrain, has escaped from a sanitarium for alcoholics. Charlie knows her husband had talked her into committing herself and he would like to take Anne away from the dirty situation.

When the husband is murdered, Charlie is afraid that Anne may have done it. He sets himself up as a likely, suspect to protect Anne. (Now that's either real love or real stupidity.) He easily gets himself arrested for the murder, and now he needs a heck of an attorney to cut through this facade.

Watch for Jackie Coogan, Uncle Fester of "The Addams Family," who plays Gunner Grimes in this episode.

Charlie Hatch--Tommy Noonan (defendant)
Elwood P. "Gunner" Grimes--Jackie Coogan
Ed Brigham--Stacy Harris
Tom Gilrain--Liam Sullivan (victim)
Judge--John Gallaudet


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