The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

January 9, 1966 [256] "The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers"

Director--Arthur Hiller
Teleplay--Henry Farrell

Tony Polk has a police record, but still manages to land a job as an actor on the "Bad Buccaneer" television program. Part of his job consists of delivering free gifts to viewers at their homes. Another actor trades lists with Tony and lands him in deep trouble. One of the women on the list is murdered with a buccaneer's hook, the one belonging to Tony. Not only that, but a neighbor says that Tony fought with the woman.

Perry takes the case and learns, among other things, that the dead woman was blackmailing the star of the "Bad Buccaneer" show.

Martin Eldridge alias Marvin Elders--Rhodes Reason
Ann Eldridge--Patricia Cutts
Grace Elders Knapp--Kathleen Crowley (victim)
Tony Polk--Steve Harris (defendant)
Judge--Willis Bouchey


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