The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Second Season

May 9, 1959 [65] "The Case of the Dangerous Dowager"

Director--Buzz Kulik
Teleplay--Milton Krims
Story--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1937 novel

Only the rich could have the problems that trouble the Benson family. Daddy is dead, and Matilda Benson rules her children with an iron fist and the promises in her will. Imagine the shock Matilda suffers when her little brood gets involved in a potential gambling scandal and later the unspeakable--murder!

Matilda hires Perry and he finds this a tough case. Watch for Ellen Corby (Granma on "The Waltons") as a gambler.

Danny Barker--Robert Strauss (victim)
Sylvia Benson Oxman--Patricia Cutts (defendant)
Robert Benson--Barry Atwater
Old lady gambler--Ellen Corby
Doctor Ralph Caldwell--King Calder
Judge--Frederic Worlock
Walter Cobb--Joey Faye


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