The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fifth Season

May 26, 1962 [153] "The Case of the Lonely Eloper"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--Robert C. Dennis

A naive young woman, Merle Telford, is about to turn twenty-one and receive a trust fund big enough to take most of us around the world in style. She plans on running away from her guardians and eloping with Danny Pierce as soon as she gets the money. Little does Merle know that Danny is planning to bilk her, using her companion, Gina, as an accomplice.

Merle's Aunt Olivia and Uncle Howard know of her plans and hire Paul Drake to keep Merle from fleeing the night of her twenty-first birthday party.

Paul feels more like a baby-sitter than a detective, casing the party and keeping an eye on Merle--until a murder is committed during the party and Merle becomes the prime suspect.

Merle Telford--Jana Taylor (defendant)
Gina Gilbert--Joan Staley
Olivia Langley--Jorja Cutright (victim)
Judge--Kenneth MacDonald


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