The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

February 22, 1958 [23] "The Case of the One-eyed Witness"

Director--Christian Nyby
--Robert C. Dennis
--Erle Stanley Gardner's 1950 novel

Della and Perry make an attempt at dinner in a romantic French restaurant only to be interrupted by business as usual. Perry gets a phone call and an envelope containing $500 from a mysterious woman. She wants him to make an exchange for her: the money for some documents.

It's amazing enough that a lawyer would put himself on the line for a woman he's never met; but it's incredible that he's still willing to represent her after the drop-off point turns out to be the scene of a murder.

The mystery woman, Marian Fargo, is played by a young and dark-haired Angie Dickinson. Charles Gallagher is played by Paul Picerni--fifties "jock" and war-movie hero.

Marian Gallagher Fargo--Angie Dickinson
Samuel D. Carlin
--Louis Van Rooten
Charles Gallagher
--Paul Picerni
Pierre Renault
--Jan Arvan (victim # 1)
--Vincent G. Perry
Arthur Fargo
--Peter Adams (victim # 2)
Paul Drake's telephone operator
--Shirley Buchanan


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