The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The First Season

March 1, 1958 [24] "The Case of the Deadly Double"

Director--Andrew V. McLaglen
--Samuel Newman
--Ben Brady

Actress Constance Ford plays a dual role of sorts as a troubled woman living a double life. Helen Reed, a mild-mannered housewife by day, turns into Joyce Martel, a roaring harlot by night. Perry needs Joyce Martel's testimony to clear her brother of a murder rap. Helen Reed informs Perry that she can only recall her other half, Joyce, when her psychiatrist puts her under hypnosis.

A dramatic courtroom drama ensues, with Helen Reed turning into her double on the witness stand.

Helen Crane Reed, alias Joyce Martel--Constance Ford
Robert Crane
--Denver Pyle (defendant)
John Davis Hale
--Murray Hamilton
David Reed
--Carleton G. Young (victim)
--Pierre Watkin
Tommy Reed
--Kellogg Junge, Jr.


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