The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Ninth Season

February 27, 1966 [262] "The Case of the Twice Told Twist"

Director--Jesse Hibbs*
Teleplay--Samuel Newman *
Producers--Arthur Marks and Art Seid

This is the one and only Mason episode shot in color.

Eighteen-year-old Lennie Beale is involved with a gang of thieves who strip Perry's car to the frame. It turns out that Lennie has been with a cast of characters straight out of Oliver Twist. Benjamin Huggins, a wealthy art collector, is the modern-day Fagin who oversees a teenage car-stripping operation. Before Lennie gets Perry's message offering him immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony against the gang, the boy is charged with murder. It appears that Bill Sikes, Lennie's immediate boss, shot Lennie's girlfriend, and Lennie stabbed the man to death.

Benjamin Huggins--Victor Buono
Lennie Beale--Kevin O'Neal (defendant)
Robin Spring--Lisa Seagram (victim # 1)
Bill Sikes--Scott Graham (victim # 2)
Donna Reales--Lisa Pera
Trial judge--Byron Morrow

* Webmaster's Note: Myron King notes, as do the show's credits, that this episode was directed by Arthur Marks and written by Orville H. Hampton and Ernest Frankel..


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