The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fourth Season

January 21, 1961 [110] "The Case of the Fickle Fortune"

Director--Laslo Benedek
Teleplay--Glenn P. Wolfe and Sol Stein

Ralph Duncan is an underpaid civil servant whose job is to inventory the estates of wealthy decedents. One day, he returns home with $153,000 in archaic greenbacks he discovered while going over the old Boden house. Ralph just wanted to impress his wife and he was going to take them back the next day. Too bad cousin Charley saw the bundle and decided to lift it. When Ralph is accused of theft, a charge of murder goes along with it.

Ralph's wife hires Perry Mason to get her husband out of one sticky jam.

Ralph Duncan--Vaughn Taylor (defendant)
Lloyd Farrell--Liam Sulliam (victim)
Mrs. Hollister--Helen Brown
Judge--Richard Gaines
Gertie Lade--Connie Cezon

Webmaster's Note: CEC-Q points out that Lloyd Farrell was played by Liam Sullivan not Liam Sulliam as shown.


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