The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Fourth Season

October 15, 1960 [100] "The Case of the Lavender Lipstick"

Director--James Sheldon
Teleplay--Jonathan Latimer

When Karen Lewis is accused by her boss of selling secret lipstick formulas to a competitor, he agrees to forget the whole thing if she'll give him a tickle. She refuses, only to get wrapped up in murder when the owner of the company gets iced and Karen winds up as the prime suspect. The fact that Karen is the only one in the dead man's will appears to be the kiss of death, but Perry comes through and clears her of the smear. Fans who remember "Time Tunnel" will recognize Whit Bissell as Max Pompey.

Karen Lewis--Pat Breslin (defendant)
Charles Knudsen--Dabbs Greer
Max Pompey--Whit Bissell
Frank Jefferson alias Silas Vance--James Bell (victim)
Judge John Davis--Nelson Leigh


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