The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Eighth Season

October 22, 1964 [216] "The Case of the Betrayed Bride"

Director--Arthur Marks
Teleplay--John Elliotte

When Nellie Meacham returns from Europe with a new husband, her relatives are surprised, to say the least. Nellie had left for the continent with her first husband, who died suddenly during the trip. Nellie's new husband is a very young, very handsome Frenchman named Pierre. Her family immediately hates him, suspecting that he has married Nellie for her money. As part of a bizarre scheme to get rid of Pierre, the family hires a young French maid. But, unknown to them, the maid, Marie, is actually Pierre's jilted wife. As usual, events turn ugly. Pierre is clubbed to death and found floating in the swimming pool. As the family's attorney, Perry just happens to be on hand to see Marie run from the scene and steal his car.

Marie Claudel Dubois--Ann Farge (defendant)
Pierre Dubois--Michael Forest (victim)
Nellie Meacham Dubois--Jeanette Nolan
Judge--Grandon Rhodes


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