The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Episode Guide - The Third Season

October 10, 1959 [71] "The Case of the Watery Witness"

Director--Richard Kinon
Teleplay--Jackson Gillis

Fay Wray plays Lorna Thomas, a slightly washed-up movie star who once abandoned her baby only to live--and die--to regret it.

When George Clark finds out that his wife, Betty, may be the long-lost daughter of Lorna Thomas, he starts to see dollar signs floating in front of his eyes. He goes to see Perry, but learns that since Betty was legally given up for adoption, she has no chance of inheriting her mother's fortune. Both George and Betty are heartbroken; he over the money, she over the rejection.

When Lorna is murdered, Tragg thinks motive, then arrests George.

Lorna Thomas--Fay Wray (victim)
Fred Bushmiller--Douglas Dick
Tony Raeburn--Lester Vail
George Clark--John Bryant (defendant)
Judge--Charles J. Conrad


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