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Perry Mason Returns: The New TV-Movies

The Case of the Lost Love

This tale of blackmail and murder was broadcast by NBC' in February, 1987. And like the three previous made-for-TV Mason movies, it wound up in the Nielsen top ten for the week.

Veteran actress Jean Simmons plays Laura Robertson, a corporate lawyer who is about to be named to a vacant senatorial seat. However, unbeknownst to her, her husband, played by Gene Barry, is being blackmailed by a crumb who has information that the senator-to-be spent time in a mental institution.

Naturally, the blackmailer winds up dead--and Barry's character is the number one suspect. Enter Perry Mason and a romantic twist: Laura and he used to be an item. Perry agrees to defend her husband--and once again calls on Della and Paul, Jr., for help.

Also starring David Ogden Stiers, Gordon Jump, Robert Mandan, and Robert Walden.

Teleplay by Anne Collins
Story by Dean Hargrove and Joel Steiger
Directed by Ron Satlof


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