The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Perry Mason Returns: The New TV-Movies

The Case of the Shooting Star

In this episode, broadcast on NBC on Sunday night, November 9, 1986, Perry is called on to defend a man who shoots a talk show host to death in front of 40 million eyewitnesses.

The victim, a Johnny Carson type named Steve Carr (Alan Thicke), is at odds with his friend, TV star Robert McKay, played by Joe Penny. McKay is in New York City shooting a movie--Carr films his talk show in the Big Apple also. When McKay finds his girlfriend snuggling with Carr in a restaurant, angry words are exchanged. The two men start to argue. A punch is thrown. They have to be separated. Looks like the end of the friendship.

The next day, McKay arranges with his show's stunt coordinator to get hold of a prop gun. He intends to play "a joke" on Carr, pretending to shoot him on the air. That night, while the talk show is on the air, McKay walks through the curtain and "shoots" at Carr. Trouble is, someone put a real bullet in the .357 Magnum. Carr is dead.


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