The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Perry Mason Returns: The New TV-Movies


When Perry firmly lets Della know he is resigning from his judgeship to defend her, it comes as no surprise. After all, isn't this the same man who once answered Della's question, "How far would you go for a friend?" by saying, "How long is forever?"

But they'll need help. We learn that their old friend, Paul Drake, is dead. But, we also find out that he eventually did get married and had a son. Now grown, Paul Drake, Jr., an erstwhile musician and writer, also has notions of picking up where his father left off. The film's producers smartly cast William Katt, real-life son of Barbara Hale and Bill Williams, as the detective's offspring.

Katt as Paul, Jr., plays a different kind of guy than Paul the father was. He spends time playing the sax. in a nightclub and talking about finishing "that book." His office is so messy Della has to come in and reconstruct it. He even forgets the bullets to his gun on occasion. Perry has his doubts about putting Paul, Jr., on the case. But Della works on the lawyer and eventually Perry agrees. Paul proves he can handle the dirty work, and soon the team of Mason, Street, and Drake is a reality once again.


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