The Perry Mason TV Show Book
The Cops: Lt. Tragg and Company

Tragg, Meet Mason

Tragg just never knew when he'd run into Perry, and vice versa. Where Burger and Mason were sparring partners, Tragg and Mason were thorns in each other's sides. Because each had to, beat the other to the punch when it came to tracking down evidence, they, frequently left phony trails. So it's no, surprise that, like Burger, Tragg was forever threatening to have Perry disbarred and have Paul's license revoked.

Tragg could open any desk drawer and pull out a gun, always ready for action. You could be sure that if Perry, showed up at the murder scene, Tragg would be along any minute, even if Perry didn't call him. This kind of bloodhound perception should have led him straight to the murderers he was looking for, but instead he came up with clunkers, almost every time. It made you wonder how he stayed on the force.

Tragg was a great fan of the dramatic entrance when he thought he had someone cornered, and especially when he thought he was ruining Perry's fun. In "The Case of the Dangerous Dowager," he tracked Perry to find suspect Sylvia Oxford so he could arrest her for murder. Tragg: "Well, hello Perry. I hate to tag you around like this, but you're always such a great help when we have to find somebody."


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